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The Original Corgi Club
Serving Both Breeds
Founded in 1925

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Secretary: Lisa Croft-Elliott
Telephone: 01981 541314
E-mail: welshcorgiclub@aim.com


Ours is actually the original corgi club, founded in 1925. The two breeds were not divided until 1934, and we remained the club devoted equally to both the Pembroke and the Cardigan Corgis.

We are actually based in Wales, our shows are held in Wales, the majority of our comittee is Welsh, and beyond all else we are terribly proud of our dogs' Welsh heritage.

In the Coming weeks we will do our best to develop this new site, with our full launch before Crufts 2010.

We encourage you to visit the breed club sites in England if you have the yen to learn more for Pembrokes you can go to http://www.welshcorgileague.com/ and for Cardigans you can go to http://www.cardiganwelshcorgiassoc.co.uk/

Meanwhile if you have any enquiries feel free to contact our secretary at welshcorgiclub@aim.com


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Many thanks to all of those who braved the floods and bitter temperatures to join us for our Championship show

We will be posting results shortly

Open Show
February 2010

11 March 2010